Road Trip 2.26.2010

A little step out of the norm of posting wedding and engagement photos.  It has been a hectic time with a lot going on and we have done several shoots that we cant show yet…so in the mean time I wanted to give you a little look into how we see the non wedding world.  We are normal people who do normal things and camping happens to be one of them.  We headed up to Ladysmith VA to get away for a night.  Caught some interesting things and here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

Bryan & Kristen wed (12.11.2010)

Congrats to Bryan and Kristen who were married last December at the Newport News, Virginia Marriott Hotel, located in the Oyster Point Town Center. These guys blew up our photobooth and took some of the most hilarious shots. We’ll get a few of those posted soon. For now, check out a few from their wedding.

William & Amanda – married

It’s been a busy start to our wedding season. I rounded up a few from William and Amanda’s wedding last weekend to show you what we’ve been up to.

Amanda and William

It was a first for us – shooting at the Thoroughgood House in Virginia Beach. If you unfamiliar with the house, you should google it. Pretty interesting history.

Lauren & Loren Mini Engagement Session 11.28.2010

We have been extremely busy around the studio lately…between shoots and testing some super secret soon to be released stuff we have been slacking on the blog posts.  A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of hanging out with Lauren and Loren to get them a few shots for their save the dates.  We were super stoked to get asked to shoot this wedding.  Lauren is an Event Sales Manager at The Lesner Inn…and its a pretty daunting task to shoot someone in the business.  Loren is a trainer over at Anytime Fitness so if you need to get…

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Check back. We'll have some nouns, verbs, adjectives and stuff here soon. For right now you are stuck looking at a couple of pictures of us. We are pretty cool people (and by pretty cool I mean completely awesome) so there is just so much to type that Im getting hand cramps just thinking about doing it. As a matter of fact it might be a good idea if we just pay someone some cash money so we dont mess up our shutter pushers!

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