Tori and Ryan’s photobooth

We felt the need to share a couple of these…. we’ll add more later so check back. Edit: OK… here’s more

Tori and Ryan on

We were featured over the weekend on The Wedding Chicks website! Very cool for us. Big thanks to everyone for all your support. Thanks Tori, Ryan, Missy and the folks at Lawsom Hall!   Check out the post here.   Check out Missy’s site: Antonia Christianson Events.

Mary Paige & Nick PhotoBooth (APTT3000) 06.12.2010

We set up the PhotoBooth at Mary Paige & Nicks reception and it was a hit.  The PhotoBooth was actually renamed at the wedding by one of the guests who called it the “Automatic Picture Taker Thingy” so we shortened it to APTT3000 (we threw in the 3000 because it makes it even more better!)  Regardless of what it is called everyone had a great time with it.  This post was not easy to cut down…I wanted to put all of the pictures from the night on but there were just too many so I cut it down to some (a…

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Check back. We'll have some nouns, verbs, adjectives and stuff here soon. For right now you are stuck looking at a couple of pictures of us. We are pretty cool people (and by pretty cool I mean completely awesome) so there is just so much to type that Im getting hand cramps just thinking about doing it. As a matter of fact it might be a good idea if we just pay someone some cash money so we dont mess up our shutter pushers!

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