Road Trip 2.26.2010

A little step out of the norm of posting wedding and engagement photos.  It has been a hectic time with a lot going on and we have done several shoots that we cant show yet…so in the mean time I wanted to give you a little look into how we see the non wedding world.  We are normal people who do normal things and camping happens to be one of them.  We headed up to Ladysmith VA to get away for a night.  Caught some interesting things and here are some of my favorites.  Enjoy!

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Check back. We'll have some nouns, verbs, adjectives and stuff here soon. For right now you are stuck looking at a couple of pictures of us. We are pretty cool people (and by pretty cool I mean completely awesome) so there is just so much to type that Im getting hand cramps just thinking about doing it. As a matter of fact it might be a good idea if we just pay someone some cash money so we dont mess up our shutter pushers!

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